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Sqwee! Pigments of Imagination is a perfect celebration of spring

Have you had a chance to play with the Pigments of Imagination set? Each piglet was drawn to emulate the joy of springtime you see in kittens and puppies, and it is such fun to imagine the personalities and the mud puddle messes that come with a litter!

For this card I began with white card stock for the base, and layered a maple woodgrain sheet and a textured sheet of pink as a frame for the image.

I planned to use Copic markers to color everything, so I stamped my piglets and mud puddle with Memento Tuxedo black ink to prevent smearing. I stamped the mud puddle first on the white Bristol paper so that I could keep all the tiny little spatter bits that sploosh out when the piglets play. Using three shades of blue, and three shades of green, I colored the sky and the grass for the background. 

I stamped the mud puddle once again, and cut it out the old-fashioned way, with a pair of scissors, and tacked it on over the original stamped image on the background with squares of double sided foam tape. Can you see how having the small splashes around the main puddle adds depth to the card?

Finally, I stamped, cut, and colored the piglets and tacked them onto the raised mud puddle. 

Believe it or not, I cut the hanging sheet from an old pillowcase, and stamped the sentiment right on the fabric. It took me two tries, because I didn't ink the stamp up enough the first time. But I LOVE the extra texture the fabric and the twine bring to this card. I glued the ends of the twine to the back of the image, then used these tiny little clothespins to hold the stamped sheet in place. I couldn't resist adding the mud splash mark to the corner of the sheet to tie the playing piglets to the sentiment. Can you imagine how angry Momma's gonna be when she sees they've sullied her sheets?

Use a good, strong glue to adhere the image to the layered card base (I like Tacky Glue or Elmer's Craft Bond glue stick), and this project is ready to mail.

Let us know if you're interested in purchasing these tiny clothes pins from our store. We don't carry them currently, but if enough people are interested, we could add them to our inventory. 

Happy crafting!

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