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'Hello Friends' A story about 'Foxy'

As I was designing this set, it came to mind that often we would have foxes come to the farm, often they would eat the outside cat food and we tried to deter them from that.  One day my mother-in-law, stated that she was going to go chase the fox away.  She ran around and was screaming and waving her arms to scare her away, in the hopes that she wouldn't return.  Now we live on 3 acres and she was outside running and screaming like a wild woman.  She came inside and said, 'ok, I think I did it'.  I looked at her and looked back at the pile of cat food, where the fox sat, oblivious, enjoying her breakfast.  'Umm, I don't think it worked.'  She looked to where I was staring, raised her hands and with a sigh, said 'I give up!'   

We often have visitors on the farm, this was a beautiful fox and it came to visit quite often that year, as well as her pups.  It's such a joy to live among the wild.

I hope you enjoying this set as much as I did designing it.  I picture all three of the critters in the middle of a forest having a conversation.  What an awesome thought!  Hugs~~Chelle

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